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Period 1974 - 1988
Julio Mancebo was admitted to Torres García's studio in 1944, he was 11 years old and was one of Torres García's youngest pupils.
He takes part in all the activities of the studio until its closure in 1967.
He went on paintings according to Torres García's studio tradition, up to the subsequent moment, when he settled in Sweden.

Period 1988 - 2000
His imprisonment due to political belief and his experience after his cultural exile, which meant not only isolation but also new possibilities, have influenced the evolution of his paintings.

Period 2000 - 2006
His gradual return to Uruguay since 1995 entailed meeting his sources. Another rupture which synthesized Torres García's traditions with elements that he acquired from his european experiences.
In addition to painting he also works in pottery, metals, tapestries, woods, and murals on mosaic an concrete.

He was born in 1933 in Montevideo, Uruguay.

1942 - He starts painting with Manolo Lima

1944 - He was admitted to Torres García's studio and remains there until its closure in 1967. First he was Torres García's pupil and later he works under the guidance of Augusto Torres, Julio Alpuy and José Gurvich.

1983 - He travels to Sweden.

1984 - He settled in Stockholm.

1985/1999 - He travelled through France, Italy, Spain and Greece.

1988 - He Founded with other artists "The Latin American Culture House" in Stockholm.

1995 - He travels to Uruguay. Since then, he alternates between Montevideo and Stockholm.

1946/1962 -
He takes part in Torres García's studio collective exhibitions in Montevideo, Porto Alegre and New York.

1960 - In the American Gallery with José Gurvich and José Collell in Montevideo.

1961 - Exhibition in the Town Hall Art Gallery in Montevideo.

1962 - Exhibition in the Town Hall Art Gallery in Montevideo and in the Art Gallery of the Columbia Hotel with Héctor Coitiño, Montevideo.

1974/1982 - He takes part with tapestry works in fourteen exhibitions in Uruguay.

1976 - An Uruguayan tapestry exhibition in San Pablo - Brazil.

1977 - Tapestry International Exhibition Jenisch Museum, Vevey, Switzerland.

1979 - Itinerant Uruguayan Tapestry Exhibition in Germany.

1984 - Uruguayan art exhibition "Kultur och Motständ" (Culture and Resistance), The Culture House in Stockholm, Sweden.

1985 - "Latinamerikanska Konstnärer" (Latin American Artists), Regina Theatre, Stockholm Sweden.
"Nutid, Latinamerikanska Konst i Skandinavien" (Contemporary Latin American Art in Scandinavia) exhibition.

1986 - "Möten mellan Kontinenter och Kulturer" (Meeting of Continents and Cultures Exhibition, Södertelje Konsthall, Sweden.

1988 - Itinerant exhibition "Mot världen" (Meeting the world), Sweden.

1989 - Individual exhibition Kulturnämden, Sollentuna, Sweden.
Itinerant exhibition, Världsbilder - Bildvärldar" (Pictures of the world), Länskonstmuseet, Stockholm.
"Möt världen" exhibition (Meeting the world), Kaliz, Sweeden.

1990 - "Möt världen" exhibition (Meeting the world), ABF - huset, Stockholm.

1991 - "Latinamerikanska Kulturhuset" (Latin American Culture House), in Hallunda Folketshuset, Sweden.

1992 - "Mötet Europa - America" exhibition (Meeting Europe - America), Kultur Centrum Ronneby, Sweden.

1993 - "LatinameriKanska Kulturhuset" exhibition, (Latin American Culture House) Gallery 31, Stockholm.

1994 - "LatinameriKanska Kulturhuset" exhibition, (Latin American Culture House) "Klostergatan" Gallery Jönköping, Sweden.
"Kultur och Miljö Festival" (Environment and Culture Festival), Skarpnäck, Sweden.

1996 - Praxis Gallery, New York.
Individual exhibition. Calle Entera Gallery, Montevideo.

1998 - Individual exhibition Torres García's Museum, Montevideo, Uruguay.
Southern School, Renoir Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1999 - ARTEBA, International Art Fair, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1999 - "Southern School", Joaquín Torres García's legacy. Madrid, Barcelona Spain.

2000 - ARTEBA, International Art Fair.
Renoir Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2000/2001 - "Torres García and the Southern School", Marsa Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain.

2001 - Borges Cultural Centre. Backroom exhibition
Renoir Gallery - Joaquín Torres García, José Gurvich and Julio Mancebo. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2003 - Individual exhibition "La Ciudadela" Gallery. Punta del Este, Uruguay.



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